thanks to one of my fave bloggers, eunny, i got tagged to do one of these things. i am a meme virgin...in fact, i just figured out why they call these things "memes." it's because it's all about me-me, right?

well, here goes nothin':

what is your all-time favorite yarn to knit with?
by now it's a cliche, but i love love love rowan kidsilk haze. the colors are gorgeous. the fiber itself is soft, whispery light, not too hairy, and surprisingly strong.

your favorite needles?
i got turned on to the bryspuns while working on birch. they have nice pointy tips and an overall smooth finish that makes them great for lacework. i also have a collection of vintage needles that i inherited from a friend's granny. most are plain old aluminum, but there are a couple pairs of bone needles in there that are just beautiful.

the worst thing you've ever knit?
there were some seriously cheesy items i made in the 80s that i've blocked out of my memory. a recent hall-of-shame entry would have to be the VK shrug by twinkle. i love twinkle's funky, chunky knitwear and could not wait to knit this baby up. apparently, i was so a-dither, i neglected to notice that i used the wrong size needle on one of the sleeves. the result: one side of the shrug fits and the other, well, let's just say it's balled up in the back of my closet, where it lurks in the darkness, taunting me.

your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it, but it was the most fun to knit.)
that would have to be this seed stitch cardigan from a fall '89 VK. it was the first really challenging thing i ever knit. it had beautiful, fine finishing details: picot edgings, a beaded-rib peplum, and thistle-stitch fleurs. it was actually knit out of paternayan crewel yarn.

most valuable knitting technique?
are you kidding? binding off!

best knit book or magazine?
i treasure my collection of vintage knitting mags from the 30s-80s, given to me by my honey bunny's aunt." and one of these days, i'll pony up for this incredible series of books from weldon's which has been reissued by dover press.

your favorite knitblogs?
eunny is one of the most inspiring knitters i've seen in blogland. and the girl can write, too! i gotta have my knit fix nearly every dang day. though it's not a blog, i love donnawilson.com for its funny drawings and fresh take on knitted objects. and naive knitting is anything but.

your favorite knit-along?
gotta go with my ONLY KAL...jody's river-along at savannahchik knits.

your favorite knitwear designer?
kim hargreaves is a genius. leah sutton is so freakin cool i can hardly stand it. and twinkle.

the knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it?)
it's kinda silly, but i wear this beaded cuff a ton. i've made a bunch of accessories over the past couple of years, and those definitely get quite a bit of wear. i made this gray sweater about 10 years ago. it still keeps me cozy and warm in my cold, cold studio.

tag time!
i know she's busy learning how to be a fashion designer, but maybe our fave punk rawk tammy could give us a little meme time? would love to get the naive knitter'stake. and the very coolio mary-margaret at yarn tart.


Angela said...

That seed stitch cardigan is beautiful! How about a modeled shot? ;)

yahaira said...

holy crap I love that sweater! I heart Twinkle as well, though Ive never tried any of her patterns(i never pick up vk). Now Im interested in seeing the cheesy stuff!

mary-margaret said...

And here you go!!!


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