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another day, anoter chance to procrastinate WIPs with WIDs (that's short for Work in Dreams).

here is how it began today. i was working in my studio, which just happens to overlook my next-door neighbor, a house with four apartments and an always-interesting collection of tenants. now, i promise i was not spying. this was totally different from oogling the hot guy who lived in the upstairs apartment...or staring in disbelief at the wacko germophobe who used to put little baggies on the handles of his scooter so he wouldn't have to touch them. or who used to hang all of his laundry--which consisted of 10 black track suits--to dry in the tree in the front yard.

this wasn't like that at all. i just happened to notice my friend michelle who owns the house was there chatting with a workman. michelle is also a knitter and has been asking me about patterns and such. of course, i had to drop what i was working on (my paying job), and run outside to say hi. and of course, that turned into an opportunity to chat about knitting. and that, of course, turned out to be a two-hour frenzy of yarn and pattern books.

all of which leads me to the WID. the newest obsession. the TICLW (that's short for Thing I Can't Live Without). it's a handbag in the new melanie falick book. it's knit in this beautiful scalloped stitch. it's big and boho. it's got bamboo handles. and it will very shortly usurp every other project in my very long cue of unfinished objects.

at least until the next WID comes along.


joelene said...

Holy crap, I love love love that bag! Do you by chance have the name of the new book, preprder her i come.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, amazing bag! is that her new holiday book?
ps the river is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

I love that bag. It's too bad I would have to take out a loan to buy the yarn.

Anonymous said...

It pretty much covers Replica related stuff.

Nancilyn said...

Wow! That's now one of my MustHaves!!! More info, pleeeeease.

Anonymous said...

i'm currently knitting this bag....its wonerful! the only downside is the yarn is very expensive.

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