river: it's a trickle

finally cast on for river during the ride home from the beach today. i'm using KSH in trance...a beautiful azure that reminds me of the last bit of summer sky we gazed from the comfort of our sand chairs yesterday. i'm also sampling the bryspun circs betty from knit 'n' purl was kind enough to give me to try. i like the flexible connecting cable, but the point where it connects to the needles leaves much to be desired. i find myself having to coax the last of the stitches over it near the end of every row. i also think the points aren't nearly as sharp as i'd expect from bryspuns. but never mind all that. this pattern is working up beautifully.

but now i have to put down the river. that's right. step away from the river. gotta finish me a butterfly. gotta fly before i can swim.

1 comment:

clairity123 said...

mine looks nothing like that!!!!is it because i am using size 10 1%2 needles ??

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