in the black

i'm about 15 inches into the suss tie cardigan, shown in aqua angora below. i couldn't find a shade of blue angora i really loved at my LYS, so i'm making it in baruffa black merino. as much as i love the look of angora, that stuff sheds like crazy and i end up getting the little fuzzies in my eyes. so merino it is.

the pattern is tres clever...basically a long rectangle with two holes in the middle for the set-in sleeves. and it's so easy, you can knit it with your eyes closed. i think i actually dozed off for a few rows last night while i knit and watched "laguna beach, the real orange county." (how do i get sucked into this stuff?)

it seems the height of boring to be knitting straight stockinette in black...but i just read that black is the new black! so at least mary ann will be the height of fashion.

knit up, this yarn actually feels a little sponge-y...not sure if it will be drapey enough, but i've past the point of no return. i'll MAKE it work, dammit. (or it will go into the pile of other projects i completed in denial...e.g. the fringe skirt that was obviously three times too big after the first 20 rows. hey! i know! it'll make a great floor pillow!)


Anonymous said...
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sillyewe said...

How about a picture of that Suss pattern??? I have ben toying with the idea of that one, I must admit. Are you enjoying it?

kate said...

thanks silly. there's a pic of the design a couple of posts down. i haven't had a chance to fotog my progress, but i'm almost done with the body. it's lookin pretty good so far...will definitely take some snaps when i'm done!

Angela said...

That's a great design! What yarn are you using?

kate said...

thanks! it's baruffa merino in black.

yahaira said...

alright, out with it and show us some progress pics!

and I hope to see pics of future butterflies and birch

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