beading queen

all hail deb, the queen of the bead! i just came across this pithy, sharply illustrated crocheted beading technique for knitting with beads. wish i had found this before i made the chicken decision to omit the beads from my butterfly cami.


yahaira said...

I love your new banner! I want to steal it : )

so I saw the new ksh today fresh out of the box at my lys and I wanted to eat it all. not really.but I did want to knit with it, I even thought of knitting up the bitch shawl...stop me!

clairity123 said...

what a GREAT site...how do you find this stuff?? so now beading
won't be this difficult ordeal.
ps..love your new header.

Debi said...

Thanks for the props :)

Nick said...

thanks for the beading info. It was really an "AHA!"-moment!

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