now what?!!

finally done!
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i pushed my brynspun through the last three stitches of birch and pulled the tail through the loops. i wept. it's over.


yahaira said...

omg! it's over!!!

I thought my children would be able to witness this day :P

You better wear this thing everyday or at least use it as a blanket : )

oh the thing I tricked you with...each one is knitted with two different needle sizes. I just wanted to see if it made any difference. Maybe the difference is more of a weight/stiffness thing so it doesn't quite translate to pics. You would think a photographer would have known that....oops!

coccinelle said...

wowee. it's just beautiful

Sandra may be knitting a ranchhouse said...

Oh. . .MY GOD! That shawl is absolutely stunning. Great job and I love the color. Wow.

thanks so much for dropping me a line, btw. appreciated it. made my day. :D

cori said...

gorgeous birch! i wish i could wear kid silk crack, i mean haze. i can't do it, i can't do mohair as hard as i try! i wish! it looks amazing, it was worth all the time!

and thanks for the blog link, i'm so excited! i've never seen my blog linked on someone else's whohoo!

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