sky shawl

sky shawl
Originally uploaded by clairity123.
wow...here is laurie's birch shawl. if i could knit overlooking scenery like this, i might actually get mine done!


clairity123 said...

oh wow, i didn't realize you had it up, how cool is that!!!!!!Yes you too can knit on an island with me, we shall knit, yak, soak up beautimus maine scenery, knit..yak..drink fine vino,eat lobsters, and knit.!!!

xobro said...

Why do they call it a "birch" shawl? I can't see the birch. I think it should be called a "kitty paw print" ...shawl. FWIW.

yahaira said...

can I join in some of that maine drinking and knitting? :)

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