rowan birch shawl
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i saw this amazing mohair shawl on flickr and decided i had to make it. specificfoodsforspecificminds told me it was a rowan pattern...sooo, i went to the knitting garden and ordered up rowan book no. 34. THEN, today, i'm talking to my bestest knitting buddy laurie and she is telling me about this amazing rowan shawl kit with kidsilk haze she just ordered from the knitting garden...and i'm like, it's not the birch shawl, is it? and she's like, OMG, i think it is, and i'm like, that is, like, so friggin weird.

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Anonymous said...

considering the thousands of web sites with thousands of links...you and i pick the same pattern for the birch shawl...we are joined at the knitting part of the brain stem

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