is anyone here?

hey you people reading this blog...SAY SOMETHING. or maybe no one is really out there. if a blog falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, is it really a blog? blog is funny if you keep saying it. blog. blog. blog. see what i mean? i mean, what could be more provocative than this? don't you just want to comment? concur? wildly disagree? fart in my general direction?


Fran said...

Loved the Elvis wigs. I live not too far from some of the places mentioned in that article. Made me chuckle. There, I said something.;)

laurie said...

pictures...we need pictures of your work in progress and i want to see the shawl in candy girl!!!!!!!

yahaira said...

I agree I love seeing pics of your WIP's but I want a link to post a comment...you dont have any silly (other than clicking on comments then clicking on post a comment) :P

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