zip it good

zipper sweater
Originally uploaded by hitbyabus.
the first sweater i've made in about two years. and this one felt like it took about that long.

then after i was finally done, i had a hell of a time finding nice zippers. what's up with every zipper feeling so cheesy?

i made the sleeves too long, per usual. i should have tried it on before i bound them off, but i didn't think of it until it was too late.


Anonymous said...

I remember a special time, when mom's stayed at home, while dad worked, when kissing on the lips was almost unthinkable, when "made in Japan" ='d "cheap," when varsity letters meant something, when burgers were delivered by a girl on skates, when there was NO Rush Limpodick, and when zippers where NOT cheesy. Those were the days my friend. -M

kate said...

mom, is that you?

Ulla M Holm said...

It's a gorgeous sweater! Welcome to the timeconsuming blog-world! I added your blog to my list of blogs.

Anonymous said...

nooo, this is not your mother...guess again!

Fredda Peritz said...


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